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Testimony of Denis Dufour

“Germinal“ Interviews with the 12 participantsPages 30 to 33. Internal publication of INA-GRM. Paris. 1986.

In this interview, Denis Dufour develops his vision of composition in relation to the studio's new tools. Enthusiastic about the idea of considering a collective approach to composition, he actively participates in the design of the project. He imagines a set of minimum rules that can be shared by each composer, with the objective of stimulating the search for new solutions. 

He shares his experience of the GRM Studio 123, designed to highlight technical advances in the field of digital transformation of recorded sounds. If it was appreciated to produce new sounds, the 123 finally proved to be inflexible, tedious in its use with its set of parameters and variables to be entered, its very long calculation times. Having used it for several years, mainly to create sound material, Denis Dufour was already asking himself methodological questions about creation.

Read the article (in French)

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