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Denis Dufour | Composer’s notes


1990 | 03'55 | opus 63 | Maison Ona publishers

for 2 trumpets in ut or in Bb

1. Andante, molto rubato [01’12]  ·  2. Largo [01’33]  ·  3. Allegro [00’59]

• Commande pédagogique du Ministère de la culture et de la communication

• Création à Chalon-sur-Saône, auditorium du conservatoire, le 23 mars 1996 par des élèves de l’ENM

Of seeming simplicity, Duel allows us to perceive the morphological writing that Denis Dufour, with his subtleties and paradoxes, masters so well. Basic rhythmic profiles with energetic contours combined with subtly drafted dynamic movements invite a global sensation of a sound universe where plasticity of the figures, fluidity, impulses and suspensions are not without a reminder of something of a baroque phrasing. In a way, this short piece appears as an abstract, a didactic guide in three parts (andante, largo, allegro), which shows the way the composer treats the elaboration of sounds, colours, sequences and articulations: to support the readability of his development, his expressiveness, his deliberate and precious lyricism – by not ruling out the use of abrupt ‘cuts’ with some total freedom. [Jérôme Nylon, translated by Hamish Hossain]

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