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Welcome to Denis Dufour’s website. You may have arrived here by chance, or through your interest in his music or in search of something specific to his work. Here you can find much diverse information on his compositions, thoughts, teachings and upcoming projects.


• Denis Dufour is an instrumental and electroacoustic composer, teacher, researcher, organiser of concerts and festivals, adviser. He is also the founder of instrumental ensembles and composition classes in various cities, which stimulate musical lives in France and abroad.


• A lot of opus, including varied and innovative works [use of the synthesiser since 1978, real-time digital transformation since 1984, pieces for 2 acousmoniums since 1998…]: instrumental, vocal, mixed media, real-time, live electronic and acousmatic music.


• His music available on disk or on his Youtube and Soundcloud channels. Orders for scores can be placed with his publisher Maison Ona.


• His academic writings published in various books and reviews, his speeches in conferences, symposiums, interviews, analysis…


• A lively and complete training for composers, a big part of which is listening, imagination and meaning: as degree programmes in the conservatoire or as individual lessons.

• His educational writings, compositions and videos.

This site is updated regularly and is in constant expansion. To be informed of the latest events and news, follow Denis Dufour on his Facebook page.

He can be contacted here



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