Opus 53

Denis Dufour, professionnal career and projects


Music is in everything.

A hymn comes out of the world.


Opus 53 aims to make the whole of Denis Dufour's work known. He manages his website, works on the distribution of his catalog of instrumental, vocal, electroacoustic and acousmatic composition as well as his writings and teaching. Opus 53 thus supports the organization of concerts, workshops and conferences, the production of books, records, films and exhibitions, the pedagogical transmission, the classification, the consultation and the study of its archives.




Silver Berg [editor and graphic designer]

Hervé Dufour, Simon Gendrot [editors]

Hamish Hossain [assistant]

James Matthews [communication and webmaster]

Jonathan Prager [president]

Michèle Tosi [treasurer and secretary]

Esteban Zuñiga [documentary filmmaker]



Opus 53

62, avenue de Flandre

75019 Paris


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