● End of May, he tours Japon for a course in acousmatic composition and a concert in Osaka, four conferences in the universities of Osaka, Kyoto and Yokohama and in Tokyo's museum of modern art where two more concerts are organised. ● Spiritus Stella for two bass viols, commissioned by the CNSMD Lyon for its period music departement. ● CRR de Paris : creator and professor of a classe of Electroacoustic Composition and Sound Creation.


● CRR de Paris : founder of cycle of concerts Musiques à réaction  (instrumental, mixed and acousmatic works). ● Sacem : Prize of the best electroacoustic composition with PH 27-80.



● PSPBB : Professor of Music Creation in Electroacoustic Composition at the Paris Boulogne-Billancourt Higher School of Art Education.



● Selected by the Who's Who in France counting 22,000 French and foreign personalities residing in France..




● President of the Association of Teachers of Composition in Electroacoustic Music (AECME).



● Entry to the catalog of Maison Ona musical editions for instrumental and mixed works. ● Inaugurates the Bremer Lautsprecher Orchesters (BLO Acousmonium) at the Rem Festival Bremen. ● Selected by the Japanese company And Vision, with 400 teachers from all over the world and from all disciplines, for the teaching of Composition for Japanese and Chinese students.


● Galerie La Plaque tournante in Berlin, participation with all its acousmatic works assembled on a USB key at the Verboten DJs exhibition, "250 vinyl records, vinyl records, tapes, USB keys and creative hybrid sound books by 100 artists , sound poets and composers ".



Participates with Musiques Utopiques (3rd movement of PH 27-80 ) at the first edition of the festival En chair et en son, Butô dance and acousmatic music, with dancer Masaki Iwana.


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