● Galerie La Plaque tournante in Berlin, participation with denis dufour catalog of instrumental and acousmatic works [1976-1997, paper 21 x 29.7 cm, color cover, 196 pages] at the exhibition Music for Deaf People, representation of the music and sound by 80 visual artists, poets or composers.


Co-founder of the HD duo (actions ranging from performance to conceptual event). ● CRR de Paris: Founds the Supermarket of Sounds festival (instrumental, acousmatic, live electronic, mixed and real-time concerts, cine-concerts, performances, improvisations, installations ...).


● Realize re-Volver, a plastic artwork on tarpaulin [color, 3 sheets 42 x 29.7] for the Musiques Murales exhibition, Galerie Satellite in Paris.

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