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Interview with Denis Dufour

By Clément Riot. Revue Écouter Voir. Revue des médiathèques et des bibliothèques. Paris. 2003.

Interview conducted in march 2003

Produced for the third edition of the Syntax festival in Perpignan in 2003, this interview clearly shows Denis Dufour's personality as an activist in acousmatic music. Composer, teacher, programmer, record publisher..., he is at the head of several associations that promote and bring this artistic genre to life: Motus, Syntax, Futura festival. The interview deals in a complete way with his activity, emphasizes his relationship to both acousmatic and instrumental composition and the way he teaches it.

Denis Dufour discusses the privileged relationship he has with the text, both in its literary dimension and in its vocal, spoken or sung use. He evokes his taste for composing with the help of constraints, those he chooses to give himself, but even more, those he asks his collaborators to provide him with; like a fruitful collaboration with the writer Thomas Brando - as for example in Terra incognita. Thus the stake of the order, largely depreciated in the field of contemporary music, is reinvested by the external constraint of a creative challenge that is a source of unexpected and surprising things. Denis Dufour therefore positions himself as a potential creator who does not seek to make art for art but who inscribes his approach in a society that is often too standardized and too conservative in his eyes. He does not compose for the musical environment from which he comes, but for curious people, eager to discover something new that enriches and refines their view of the world.

Read the article (in French)

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