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Caravaggio | Entre dames

Revue-CD Licences n°1. 2000-2001.

In this issue of Licenses magazine-CD , directed by Alexandre Yterce and devoted to music, art and literature, two works of equivocal sensuality by Denis Dufour are featured. Neither an illustration nor an adaptation of Thomas Brando's eponymous text, Caravaggio goes beyond words to express its spirit in a degree of fusion - passionate - truly musical. The work begins all in suggestions. Mixing electronic impacts, the rustling of sheets and the sigh of ecstasy, the sounds become entangled in a slow accumulation where the words “perversione”, “sensualita” and “volupta” resound. There are shouted louder and louder by the dedicatee of the work, Roberto Paris, imposing and revealing the hitherto restrained passion and leading to a climax that is similar in every way to an orgasm. Then comes an appeasement and the composer's calm, sensual and neutral voice reading Thomas Brando's poem.

In the second, Entre dames, he stages three men walking in Notre-Dame de Paris. Very descriptive, the situation seems normal at first. Then space, time, the protagonists and their actions gradually escape reality to project us into a murky and ambiguous universe. There is then a confusion of genres, innuendoes, impressions left by the Parisian monument where the rituals are multiple and diverse, and not necessarily those for which it was erected. Denis Dufour takes mischievous pleasure in directing these characters, playing a gently subversive role in the sacred and solemn setting of the place.

REVUE-CD LICENCES N°1 2000-2001                                                               32'39

  1. Michel Chion  Sonate en trois mouvements 1990               10'22

  2. Denis Dufour  Entre dames  1982                                         19'30

  3. Georges Gabriele  Votre 2000                                               09'52

  4. Denis Dufour  Caravaggio  2000                                           10'00

  5. Alexandre Yterce  Brûlures des langues  2000                    07'42


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