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Stèle pour Pierre Schaeffer | Oriflamme | Duel | Cinq formes d’appel | Poursuite | Spiritus Stella | Dune. DigiSleeve Motus M218010. 2018.

● Selection of instrumental works for small musical sets…   ▶▶

PH 27-80

PH 27-80. Digipack EAP Records. EAPR01. 2013.

● A work conceived in 2007 in homage to Pierre Henry for his eightieth birthday, and made solely from eighty short sequences or sounds from twenty-seven of his works…   ▶▶


Bocalises, grande suite | Le Lis vert. DigiFile Motus M306011. 2006.

● This album brings together two acousmatic works composed by Denis Dufour, each based on a single body of sound. The first, a series of short movements in an elaborate, baroque…   ▶▶

La Terre est ronde

Suite en trois mouvements | Exil | Hélice | Elixir | La terre est ronde. DigiFile Motus M303006.  2003.

(9 Classica / Répertoire · 4 Diapason).

● The Suite en trois mouvements is the restyling of an earlier…   ▶▶

Terra incognita

Terra incognita | Ebene Sieben | Lux tenebrae. Livre-CD Motus M199005.  2002.

MFA. (4 Monde de la Musique · R de Répertoire · Sélection Le Monde).

● This album is an excellent introduction to the world of…   ▶▶

Dix portraits

Douze mélodies acousmatiques | Dix portraits. Livre-CD Motus M197002. 1997.

● This is primarily a collection of acoustic moments, a kind of musical meditation on his work as a whole…   ▶▶


Chrysalide. Digipack GRM Ina e5007.  1996.

● In Bocalises Denis Dufour explored with virtuosity the sound possibilities of a sole sound source, glass jars broken, crushed and mixed to themselves to infinity…   ▶▶

Messe à l'usage des vieillards

Bocalises, petite suite | Suite bleue | Messe à l’usage des vieillards. CD Cristal Accord UnaCorda 202222. 1992.

● The only volume devoted to the acousmatic genre of the renowned contemporary music collection Accord / UnaCorda…   ▶▶

Notre besoin de consolation est impossible à rassasier

Notre besoin de consolation est impossible à rassasier. CD Cristal GRM Ina c1010. 1991.

● An ambitious acousmatic long métrage, this work, between melodrama and radio hörspiel, sets the eponymous text…   ▶▶

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