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Cultivons notre oreille 1. Fascicule-CD CEEPAME / Musicale Ecole / In-Octavio / DPM / GAMME. 2005.

● The Prélude of Bocalises features in this educational book that is a collection of listening exercises for groups of children in school or in early learning workshops. The proposed exercises…   ▶▶

Ourlé du lac (Pli de perversion /2)

Archives GRM - Le Temps du Temps réel. CD Cristal Ina c1034. 2004.

● Composed in 1984 for violin, synthesiser and real-time transformation, this work was one of the first to use real-time digital processing. Premiered in the French Radio at the ICMC…   ▶▶


50 ans de musique électroacoustique au Groupe de Recherches Musicales. Fondazione Teatro Massimo. Double CD Cristal FTM 002A | FTMB 002B. 2001.

● In 1998, electroacoustic music celebrated its 50th anniversary. The GRM, in partnership with the Teatro Massimo…   ▶▶


Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. Klang Welten. CD Pochette cartonnée Schott Wergo Music Media GmbH, Mainz. 1997.

● This short fragment of Chrysalide is one among twenty-two other excerpts from works made in the GRM studios by various…   ▶▶

Messe à l’usage des vieillards

Le Groupe de recherches musicales de l’Institut national de l’audiovisuel fête les 50 ans de la musique concrète. CD Pochette cartonnée Ina-GRM LMC9798. 1997. 

● In 1997, Christian Zanési, on the occasion of the fiftieth…   ▶▶

Notre besoin de consolation est impossible à rassasier

La collection CD. CD Pochette cartonnée Ina-GRM ACM 1995. 1995.

● Ten years after the first CD release of the Ina-GRM, Christian Zanési brought together twenty-two extracts from a collection among the forty published at the time…   ▶▶


Concert Imaginaire GRM. CD Cristal Ina-GRM C1000. 1985.

● In 1985, in order to raise public awareness of acousmatic works, the GRM decided to release a disc of musical excerpts from its composers such as Bernard Parmegiani, Michel Chion…   ▶▶

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