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La Terre est ronde

Suite en trois mouvements | Exil | Hélice | Elixir | La terre est ronde. DigiFile Motus M303006. Coll MotusAcousma. 2003. (9 Classica / Répertoire · 4 Diapason).

The Suite en trois mouvements is the restyling of an earlier work based on a simple principle of alternation applied to each movement, and demonstrating a mastered art of contrast. The following three works form a triptych in which Dufour returns to the abstract writing like in his early works: there is here a multiplication of semantic collisions, so that the listener, initially misled by seemingly arbitrary accidents, gradually moves towards a crossroad of meanings that unites them all and where sound and meaning skillfully marry. The last work offers airy and fleeting colours in a wide variation of white noises changing into choirs moving in upward spirals. A glimpse of 20 years of acousmatic art, which finds its way between rigour and hedonism.

1-3. SUITE EN TROIS MOUVEMENTS 1981                                                      21'13

1. Mouvement 1                    14'00

2. Mouvement 2                    02'39

3. Mouvement 3                    04'25

4. EXIL 1995                                                                                                         12'39

5. HELICE 1995                                                                                                    11'58

6. ELIXIR 1996                                                                                                      21'13

7. LA TERRE EST RONDE 2002                                                                           11'05


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