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Rêve lisse

TM+ Trio instrumental électroacoustique. Ina-GRM 9115-16 TM 1984.

Rêve lisse is written for two synthesisers and violin. Often in pieces composed for TM+ by Denis Dufour, the writing makes extensive use of glissando, which makes it easier for him to associate the playing of electronic instruments with that of bowed strings. Impetus figures accumulate, orchestrate and stop in their positions during a lull. This figure remains present throughout the work and is articulated around an increasingly fine and contrasting writing in a play of imitation of forms between the instruments. This is the only vinyl record of the Trio TM+ in which there are also pieces written for this group by GRM composers: Bernard Parmegiani, Philippe Mion, Yann Geslin and Laurent Cuniot.


Disc 1 

  1. Denis Dufour  Rêve Lisse  1982              12'00

  2. Yann Geslin  Volumétriques                    13'23

  3. Laurent Cuniot  Quatuor Mvt 1              08'24

  4. Laurent Cuniot  Quatuor Mvt 2              09'15

  5. TM+  Situation de jeu (1)                          05'04

Disc 2                                                                                                                        

  1. Philippe Mion  Trois esquisses ouvertes  1982            20'42

  2. TM+  Situation de jeu (2)                                                06'50

  3. Bernard Parmegiani  Stries  1980                               28'00

    1. Strio                     07'13

    2. Stries                   20'04


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