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Souvenir de Pierre

Schaeffer, Paroles et Musique. Ina-GRM 9106 SC. 1982.

Denis Dufour's transposition of Pierre Schaeffer's Étude aux sons animés to the world of instrumental playing marks the beginning of the GRM Plus Trio's (TM+) adventure. With his acute and trained hearing as a composer, both instrumental and acousmatic, he has created a score in three parts, a faithful, precise, detailed and documented graphic score based on the original work. Through his mastery of writing, he ensured that signs and symbols were clear and suggestive enough to allow any instrumental ensemble of at least three musicians to play the work. Here, it is with two synthesisers and a prepared piano that Laurent Cuniot, Denis Dufour and Yann Geslin recorded this "classic" which recaptures its youthful air. According to Schaeffer himself, his work was sleeping "in the waters of Lethe, at the bottom of the magnetic cupboards”.


Disc 1

  1. Étude pathétique                                       03'20

  2. Masquerage                                               03'38

  3. Les Paroles gelées                                      04'19

  4. Toute la lyre ou vestiges d'Orphée           13'45

  5. Étude aux allures                                       03'28

Disc 2                                                                                                                         

  1. Étude aux objets                                        17'12

    1. Objets exposés               03'35

    2. Objets étendus               02'55

    3. Objets multipliés            03'00

    4. Objets liés                       03'05

    5. Objets rassemblés         04'15

  2. Étude aux sons animés                             04'10

  3. Denis Dufour  Souvenir de Pierre           05'50


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