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Denis Dufour [Terra Incognita, mais plus pour longtemps...]

Interview with Max Renn. Pages 20 and 21. Revue Coda - Musiques et cultures électroniques. Paris. April 2004.

Interview conducted in 2003


There is life in Denis Dufour's music. Terra incognita, his major work grouping three distinct pieces, literally vibrates with organic pulsations where resonates the breath of youth. Composer of vocal, instrumental and acousmatic music since 1976, Denis Dufour plays the emotional impulse card, the register of passion. Gladly lyrical, he masters this asserted sensitivity to explore a new territory of sounds. Hyperactive, he is also the initiator of the "night of acousmarave" (Perpignan, 2000), where popular electronic music (techno, breakbeat, electronica) meets concrete music, the Futura acoustic music festival and the Motus events. A controversial character, Denis Dufour, who is willingly provocative in his speech, embodies the "rock'n' roll" side of contemporary music. A rather rare attitude, in the world of acousmatics, for us to take a close interest in it…

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