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Interview with Denis Dufour (part 2)

Conducted by Jonathan Prager. Revue Ars Sonora n° 6. Pages 6 to 19. Ars Sonora. Paris. September 1997.

In 1996, Jonathan Prager, still a young composer, just graduated from Denis Dufour's composition class at the Conservatoire national de région (CNR) in Lyon, conducted a very complete interview, published in three parts between 1997 and 1998 in the journal Ars Sonora.

The second section of the interview is exclusively devoted to the composer's experience in teaching instrumental and acousmatic composition. From the CNR of Lyon to the ENM of Perpignan, Denis Dufour tells the heritage of Schaeffer and Guy Reibel's knowledge and details its pedagogical methods developed and enriched in the field over the years. It focuses on learning a true creative behaviour, conscious and rooted in contemporary society, rather than a technical course on the use of machines.

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