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Interview with Denis Dufour (part 3)

Conducted by Jonathan Prager. Revue Ars Sonora n° 7. Pages 13 to 35. Ars Sonora. Paris. March 1998.

In 1996, Jonathan Prager, still a young composer, just graduated from Denis Dufour's composition class at the Conservatoire national de région (CNR) in Lyon, conducted a very complete interview, published in three parts between 1997 and 1998 in the journal Ars Sonora.

The last part of this interview focuses on his career as a musician-creator. In 1974, Ivo Malec advised him to try the electroacoustic class at the CNSM in Paris, then led by Guy Reibel and Schaeffer, to which he was immediately admitted. At the end of this class, he began his life as a composer, became a member of the GRM and founded the TM+ trio. Then, he composed his first acousmatic success, Bocalises, as well as many instrumental works. Later, he created a class at the CNR in Lyon where he taught acousmatic composition from 1980 to 1995. Teaching that will continue in Perpignan. Throughout the text, Denis Dufour comments on some of his most important pieces, such as Messe à l'usage des vieillards, Douze mélodies acousmatiques and Notre besoin de consolation est impossible à rassasier, Bazar punaise and Flèches. He also talks about his close collaboration with Thomas Brando, which has already been going on for more than ten years, his transition from the analog studio to the digital studio, Motus, which he just founded in 1996, and the associated phonographic label.

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