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Denis Dufour | Composer’s note

Abschied und Lebewohl

2019 | 02'10 | opus 186 | Maison Ona publishers

for piano

• Dedicated to Karlheinz Roschitz

• Demande de Dieter Kaufmann

• Création à Wien, auditorium de la Alte Schmiede, le 11 janvier 2020 lors du Concert d'adieu à Karlheinz Roschitz par Kaori Nishii

This short piece is a hommage to Karlheinz Roschitz on the occasion of his leaving the post as director of the Alte Schmiede, an arts space in Vienna. The composer Dieter Kaufmann has often had Denis Dufour’s music performed there. For this Farewell Concert, Dufour has borrowed figures from two Viennese composers who, each in their own way, had expressed a goodbye: Ludwig van Beethoven with his sonata Das Lebewohl and Joseph Haydn’s Abschiedssinfonie. The selected motifs were reworked on with procedures similar to those used in the electroacoustic studio: transpositions, stretches, speeding up, envelopes, mixing, etc. (J.N.)

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