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Cueillir à l'arbre un petit garçon

Duo Delangle – saxophone and piano. REM 10864. 1979.

This CD of the prestigious Duo Delangle features pieces for saxophone and piano by composers such as Marius Constant and Olivier Messiaen. Once again, Denis Dufour touches on live electronic (by performing here on analogue synthesisers) and real-time processing (here transforming the saxophone). By calling for the high register of the instrument and asking the saxophonist to freely add ornaments and embellishments, he managed to radically divert everything that could remind us of its usual character. Thus decanted, then filtered and modified by electronic processes, the saxophone changes in nature and, thanks to the virtuosity of the soloist and the bond established with the composer, the performance displays humour and the humour becomes poetry.

DUO DELANGLE / SAXOPHONE ET PIANO  1979                                           54'00

  1. Jacques Charpentier  Gavambodi 2                9'26

  2. Antoine Tisné  Music for Stonehenge            16'18

  3. Marius Constant  Music de concert                 9'20

  4. Olivier Messiaen  Noël (Piano)                         4'55

  5. Denis Dufour  Cueillir à L'arbre                      14'00


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