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Esprit de suite / Berlin

Fragmentation (Bocalises) | Thème (Variations acousmatiques) | Accordéon | Hentai | Si tendre, si funeste. Revue-CD-DVD CRU2 B@£. 2015-2016.

This programme, curated by Denis Dufour for the opening of the exhibition Wolman = Lettrism + Détournement organised by La Plaque tournante on 19 September 2015 in Berlin, was conceived as a suite. It brings together acousmatic and mixed music whose production period extends over almost forty years. Precisely structured, the works or movements of works thus proposed offer a contrasted and relevant panorama of what on may defined as a constant of Denis Dufour's style: anything but institutional. Each piece brings writing solutions and joining insights that, with lightness and an unexpected form of self-evidence, take the listener on a journey to the heart of a impressively accomplished sound world. We can hear the English soprano Lore Lixenberg in the Berlin premiere of Accordéon for voice and audio support.

CRU 2 CD 2015-2016                                                                                          32'39

  1. Trevor Wishart  Anticredos                             18'39

  2. Denis Dufour  Esprit de suite / Berlin            24'00

CRU 2 DVD 2015-2016                                                                                       61'13

  1. Pauline Oliveros & Ione  Pauli(o)ne                                      23'46

  2. Hém-Ish  Homme-Omini                                                         06'53

  3. ​Broutin  Concer to n°3                                                            11'47

  4. François Poyet  Improvisation phonétique ciselante            07'24

  5. Johannes Kreidler  Shutters                                                   11'23


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