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Stèle pour Pierre Schaeffer | Oriflamme | Duel | Cinq formes d’appel | Poursuite | Spiritus Stella | Dune. DigiSleeve Motus M218010. Coll MotusAujourd’hui.  2018. (4 Diapason)

Mainly composed of short instrumental duets, this set of chamber works by Denis Dufour had never yet been issued on a monographic CD. The influence of his former teachers Pierre Schaeffer, Ivo Malec and Guy Reibel at the CNSM de Paris is noticeable in the accurate, natural instrumental writing; combined with a specific morphological approach, typically inherited from years of a familiar practice in the electroacoustic studio. This enabled him to imagine, and render his music so perceptible and in a way ‘organic’. With some grace, and almost a playful innocence, the shapes of these duets (except the first work, for five instruments) can be followed through apparent natural developments that hide torments and spells: inviting a deeper, more contemplative re-listening. Unmistakably, a very sensitive and French styled mood emerges from this collection of works, which could probably suit both, the audience of a high levelled contemporary creation and the inquiring music lovers of our times.

INVENTIONS  2018                                                                                              58'41

1.      Stèle pour Pierre Schaeffer  2013                                        05'04

          for flute*, alto saxophone, bass clarinet,

          trumpet*** and violoncello

2.      Oriflamme  2006                                                                   10'59

          for soprano saxophone and percussion

3-5.   Duel  1990                                                                             03'55

          for 2 trumpets

            3. Andante, molto rubato      01'12

            4. Largo                                     01'33

            5. Allegro                                  00'59

6-10.  Cinq formes d’appel  2013                                                  09'01

            for trumpet in Bb** and bass clarinet

             6. Appel                02'30

             7. Alerte                01'48

             8. Annonce           01'20

             9. Invite                 01'10

           10. Rappel              01'49

11.     Poursuite  2011                                                                    08'47

           for violin and violoncello

12.     Spiritus Stella  2007                                                             09'22

           for 2 viola de gambas

13.     Dune  1981                                                                           08'03

           for 2 flute

Ensemble Furians | Director Pierre Dumoussaud | Flute Manuela Schlotterer & * Liselotte Schricke | Bass clarinet Renaud Guy-Rousseau | Saxophones Carmen Lefrançois | Trumpets ** Henri Deléger & *** Tanguy Bongoat | Percussions Thibault Lepri | Violin Marc Desjardins | Violoncello Manon Gillardot |Viola de gambas Myriam Rignol & Malu Gabard

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