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Le Labyrinthe de l'amour

Revue-CD Licences n°2.  2003.

 In the collective project Germinal, the fifteen participating composers were instructed to elaborate a work from a “seed”, a unique sound of a few seconds, freely chosen by each, in order to highlight the new means of digital studio transformation (not real-time) developed by Bénédict Mailliard at Studio 123 of the GRM. Rather than trying to bypass the inevitable processes of digital transformation, Denis Dufour agglomerates, stacks, superimposes to arrive at a super-process, a kind of great morphology of percussion-resonance type like that of the original sound. As a conceptual germ, here is an bunch of metal rods that fall on the floor, collide, bounce and roll on the parquet of the studio before coming to a complete stop.

LICENCES N°2 2002-2003                                                                                  32'39

  1. Maki  Ophélie 2001                                                                          03'28

  2. Denis Dufour  Le Labyrinthe de l'amour  1984                             03'35

  3. Jacques Lejeune  Entre Terre et ciel 1979                                      22'20

  4. Catherine Pougeol  L'Univers dans une coquille de noix 2003    15'39

  5. Isabel Trocellier  Si de la nuit... 2002                                             07'25

  6. Alexandre Yterce  Foudres traversées  1998-2001                       09'12


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