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Passage à Paris. Digipack Licences. 2017.

In this compilation of works by acousmatic composers living in Paris, Nautilus, composed in 2001, is above all an instructional piece. In developing his work from strong extramusical constraints, Denis Dufour retained all the stages of the realisation. He can thus, during courses or conferences, detail the whole process that leads from the literary statement of the project to the final mix. Starting from the very simple allegory of the nautilus, the shell in which "we hear the sea", it is the golden ratio - present in the very shape of its shell - which serves as a starting point to define the durations, the articulations and the structure of the work. The sound material and the writing are rigorously organized according to the rules that the composer has set for himself, which does not prevent the listener from letting his imagination sail in the ocean of sounds…

PASSAGE À PARIS 2017                                                                                       69'38

  1. Denis Dufour  Nautilus                                                                   07'54

  2. Maxime Barthélemy  Ainsi fleurissent les ombres                        05'11

  3. Hém-Ish  Caged One                                                                        02'02

  4. Maylis Raynal  Engendre                                                                 06'25

  5. Alejandro Gomez Villagomez  Él, Abre caminos                          10'01

  6. Esteban Zuniga Dominguez  Lèvres petites. prov 13:3                09'16

  7. Hém-Ish  Pratihanana                                                                     04'16

  8. Eric Broitmann  Dans ma tête multiple                                         16'10

  9. Sina Fallazadeh  Bâdé Sabâ                                                            07'23

  10. Maxime Barthélemy  Les Trophées                                                01'00

Educational film in which Denis Dufour presents the steps

from the conception to the realization of a work


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