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Ourlé du lac (Pli de perversion /2)
Archives GRM - Le Temps du Temps réel. CD Cristal Ina c1034. 2004.

● Composed in 1984 for violin, synthesiser and real-time transformation, this work was one of the first to use real-time digital processing. Premiered in the French Radio at the ICMC organised by the Ircam, it marks the first use in a concert of the Syter (real-time system of the GRM) that was conceived and made by Jean-François Allouis and his team. It is in this occasion that Denis Dufour made a suggestion to him for an original and innovative system that became a potent starting point for developments of graphic control interfaces: the addition of a clever interpolation system that allowed him to control multiple parameters simultaneously in a simple and quick way. This interpolation screen, that has greatly contributed to the success of Syter and the GRM Tools plug-ins, has since been used in a number of computer music softwares. The lyrical writing for the violin is multiplied and made more dense, bringing to it a density that matches itself to the synthesiser: alternately buoyant, generous or with a huge presence.


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