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PH 27-80

PH 27-80. Digipack EAP Records. EAPR01. 2013.

A work conceived in 2007 in homage to Pierre Henry for his eightieth birthday, and made solely from eighty short sequences or sounds from twenty-seven of his works (from 1950 to 2007). A meticulous numerology has been applied to both the writing and the composition of this piece, in which Denis Dufour achieves the feat of playing finely with the sounds so specific to Pierre Henry in order to rearrange them in an ambitious and personal construction. First record edition for EAP, a young independent label that also publishes rare books by artists.

PH 27-80 2008_________________________________________________________--79'11

1. Machinerie romantique              24'00

2. Jardin des sons                            22'39

3. Musiques utopiques                   32'16




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