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Ryoan-ji (le jardin de Pierre de Kyoto)
Singularities #4. Digisleeve Singularities. 2017.

In 2016 and 2017, the label Singularities brought together in the same series works by acousmatic and experimental composers upon the initiative of Benjamin Aït-Ali and Laurent Chambert. On the fourth and last CD compilation, released in hundred copies, Denis Dufour's Ryoan-ji was selected alongside those of Jacopo Baboni, Pierre Boeswillwald, Martina Claussen and others. Composed in 2010 for the centenary of Schaeffer's birth, Ryoan-ji uses as its main material the time compression of fifteen acousmatic pieces. Thirteen come from Denis Dufour’s students at the CRR in Paris and two from Schaeffer himself. On a smooth, ordered, rotating background, he arranges these sound concretions like sonoliths crystallized by time.

SINGULARITIES 2017                                                                                          68'55

  1. Jacopo Baboni Schilingi  Decode II                                         06'59

  2. Robert Scott Thompson  Magiae Naturalis                          09'51

  3. Maria Cristina Kasem  Los cielos infinitos                             08'31

  4. Chris Brown  Insect Love (For Johanna Poethig)                    08'32

  5. Pierre Boeswillwald  Étude aux voix de chimères                 09'38

  6. Denis Dufour  Ryoan-ji (Le Jardin de Pierre de Kyoto)          10'25

  7. David Shea  A Cymatic Ritual Pattern                                     08'12

  8. Martina Claussen  Flashback                                                  06'50


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