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Tandem oblique

L’Air du Large – Contemporary pièces for flute and piano. Livre-CD Motus M 298004. Coll MotusAujourd’hui.  1998. (5 Diapason).

Tandem oblique, here is a work that is aptly named, where flute and piano accompany and confront each other on a road that is as rugged as it is unpredictable. By reusing fragments from the piece Six mélodies for soprano and piano, the composer says he wants to substitute “the accompanied melody“ of the previous work with the idea of a “concertant duo”. The writing, the phrasing, the links are neat. There are many changes of tempos in order to fine-tune the profiles of the frenzied patterns that the two protagonists link together. The piece unfolds itself on a constantly renewed course, revealing little by little the cool landscapes, the hills and valleys, the waterfalls and the streams: surprising poetic images stemming from this hedonistic fantasy.

L'AIR DU LARGE 1998                                                                                          56'49

1.      Bertrand Dubedout  Fractions du silence 1996                09'56

2.      Denis Dufour  Tandem Oblique 1986                                 11'39

            Flûte Annie Ploquin-Rignol Piano François-Michel Rignol

3.      Philippe Leroux  PPP 1993                                                  10'58

4-6.  Daniel Tosi  Phonic Design N° 2 1984                                 07'50

           4. Mouvement I         03'38

           5. Mouvement II        02'33

           6. Mouvement III       01'33

7-9.  Bruno Giner  Von Den Drei Verwandlungen 1993             14'00

           7. Mouvement I          01:43

           8. Mouvement II         06:04

           9. Mouvement III        06'06


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