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Terra incognita

Terra incognita | Ebene Sieben | Lux tenebrae. Livre-CD Motus M199005. Coll MotusAcousma.  2002. MFA. (4 Monde de la Musique · R de Répertoire · Sélection Le Monde).

This album is an excellent introduction to the world of acousmatic music. Denis Dufour bases the expression of his music on a solfeggio of sound objects that incorporates a multitude of natural and cultural sources. For him, composing is like channelling. For example, by dosing and filtering the heterogeneous flows of Terra incognita, a great fresco that combines materialistic delight and spiritual questioning, whose factual character can be enjoyed anecdotally, appreciating its powerful breath as much as the fineness of its writing. Ebene sieben can be considered acousmatic chamber music in search of the absolute, combining radicality and resourcefulness, in contrast to Lux tenebrae, created on the occasion of Futura's acousma-rave, which unravels a repetitive and fascinating continuum of watchmaking subtlety and rhythmic interweaving very reminiscent of techno.

TERRA INCOGNITA 1998                                                                                    25'52

1. De inventione                05'33

2. De quaestione               08'30

3. De imperio                     07'13

4. De servitute                   03'59

EBENE SIEBEN 1997                                                                                            25'44

5. Séquence 1                    04'35

6. Séquence 2                    04'01

7. Séquence 3                    02'35

8. Séquence 4                    03'42

9. Séquence 5                    01'55

10. Séquence 6                  02'53

11. Séquence 7                  05'59

12. LUX TENEBRAE 1997                                                                                    22'13


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