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Torrents du miroir

Third André Jolivet composition competition. ENMD03. 1991.

For the third André Jolivet composition competition, Denis Dufour composed this work for vocal quartet and seven instruments on a libretto by Thomas Brando. A piece in the form of a small musical and emotional therapy where onomatopoeia and vocal interjections are backed and extended by the instruments. The talent of the studio composer can be found in the subtlety of the morphological writing of motifs and sounds as well as in the arrangement of musical discourse. He comes up with a nervous work, which scatters the text like a surrealist spell, sometimes hallucinating, sometimes funny. Somewhere between a religious litany and a theatrical overacting, Torrents du miroir tells a mysterious story full of twists and turns.

3ème CONCOURS DE COMPOSITION ANDRÉ JOLIVET 1991                        77'59

  1. Antonio Pedro Palacio  Laughs of Tokyo                                    14'26

  2. Patrice Challulau  Poèmes schizophréniques et nocturne        18'25

  3. Denis Dufour  Torrents du miroir                                                17'20

  4. Atli Ingolfsson  Et toi, pâle soleil                                                  15'16

  5. Philippe Liederman  Deux couleurs                                            12'30

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