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Interview with Denis Dufour 

Conducted by Jérôme Noetinger. Revue & Corrigée n°19. Pages 20 to 22. Paris. March 1994.

On the eve of the opening of the first edition of the Futura International Acousmatic Art Festival, Denis Dufour takes a look at what led him to create, with Jean-François Minjard, this singular event. The project aims to actively contribute to the development of acousmatic art, and more generally to participate in the very current trend linked to virtual worlds. Dufour notes the difficulty for young composers to find their place in the world of contemporary music, as well as the lack of spaces for the distribution of works. By creating Futura, he also hopes to give the public the opportunity to "access an art that is much more affordable and easy to access than it seems". Thus, driven by a strong will, there have been many reasons to make this event, entirely reserved for acousmatic art and open to all schools, collectives and associations as well as to all aesthetics, come alive every year.

The works of 150 composers from 25 different countries have been programmed, including those of the four guests of the festival, Bernard Parmegiani, Michèle Bokanowski, Dieter Kaufmann and Robert Normandeau. The programme of each edition can be consulted here.

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